2004 Events
The Butterfly Ball 06/05/04
Lazertarium 2004 05/08/04
Freedom Force 2004 02/07/04

2003 Events
'Twas the Saturday Before Christmas 12/20/03
Camp Freedom 10/21/03
Feel The Force 08/16/03
Lazertarium 05/03/03
The Lost Kingdom of Bass 03/08/03
Freedom Force 2003 01/04/03


Freedom Force Five presents

'Twas the Saturday before Christmas
And all through the southland,
Tha headz were all hyped
For the shindig at hand.

With three rooms of djs
And live acts to match,
Tha spot was sure bubblin'-
More than anything since way back.

When all of a sudden
Out the corner of their eyes,
Tha headz spotted something
That filled them with surprise!

Just in from the cold
With a wink and a smile,
It was jolly Thee-O Claus
'Bout to bust out his vinyl!

But first he took up position
On the front of the stage,
And tossed out a grip of CDs-
It put tha headz in a craze!

Then he jumped on the decks
And took tha headz for a ride,
Through two hours of melodies
That left them all happy inside.

He then chilled for a minute
While tha headz took pics on his lap,
So their friends would believe
The tales of this night's haps.

Then with happy holiday wishes
He went out to his sleigh,
"Bleep Bleep" chirped the alarm;
He climbed in and flew away

Back inside the beats raged on
For the rest of the night,
All the headz screamed out after:
"Yo that party was tight!"

That my friends is the way
It's about to go down,
When Freedom Force Five
Once again rocks downtown!

Freedom Force Five is back with our sickest lineup of the season! Get ready for three areas of music, seven live P.A.'s, and over 40 performers in all. Not to mention a special appearance by Thee-O Claus! Don't miss the once in a lifetime chance to get a picture on his lap! Bring a toy to donate and you get $5 off at the door. All toys we collect will be donated to L.A. Family Housing, a nonprofit shelter for underpriveleged and abused children.

Massive Speaker Walls by A.U. Recordings
Intelligent Lighting & Visuals by Optical Illusions & Freaky Frank
Video Projections & Special Surprises by Speed Racer
Bounce Castle & Props by Freedom Force Five
Free vinyl & CD giveaways from Jason Dey, Thee-O Claus, and more

Hours: 9 PM to 6 AM

For location info & directions call 323.280.1250 on the night of the event.