2004 Events
The Butterfly Ball 06/05/04
Lazertarium 2004 05/08/04
Freedom Force 2004 02/07/04

2003 Events
'Twas the Saturday Before Christmas 12/20/03
Camp Freedom 10/21/03
Feel The Force 08/16/03
Lazertarium 05/03/03
The Lost Kingdom of Bass 03/08/03
Freedom Force 2003 01/04/03


Freedom Force Five presents

Here it comes, a high-flying eye-frying multi-laser spectacular, an event that has been many months in the making!

First things first. LAZERTARIUM will feature Freedom Force Five's first European headliner since 2001. Check the lineup page for info on 4 STRINGS and a link to the audio and video of the track that made us want to bring him out to LA. This guy is blowing up worldwide with the success of tracks such as "Take Me Away", "Diving", "Let it Rain", and several more of his productions. He's no one hit wonder, having had multiple releases make it to the top of the European dance charts in the last couple of years. In a day when the world needs a little less scariness and a little more euphoria, the 4 STRINGS sound comes just in time.

And just added to the party, DJ CAFFEINE from Chicago, ranked #66 out of over 25,000 djs at!

Our main goal for this event's production is to create the best laser show possible. We are working with the best laser companies in SoCal to provide a visual display more intense than any you've seen before. Both areas of music will have huge laser shows, as two of SoCal's best laser companies go head to head to outdo each other! We're especially hyped that we will be able to bring you a rarely seen "white" laser. This white laser is a high-power, full spectrum laser capable of producing over 15,000 different colors and an infinite number of beam patterns and animations. This will be something special to experience in a 1500 person venue, as you don't normally get to see a laser like this at anything less than a massive or a large concert, and even then you very rarely find one.

We will once again be rockin' it with way oversized full range sound systems in each area. We're finding ways to make the sound levels louder and clearer with each new event we do, this one should be the best yet.

Just added: Live video feeds and custom 3-D visual projections. Plus additional intelligent lighting by Optical Illusions.

Plus tons of giveaways throughout the night from Freedom Force Five, Rave N Beats, and Underground Culture on Melrose, including mix CDs, autographed vinyl, clothing, and more.

The LAZERTARIUM, with a world class lineup and premium audio and visual displays, will leave you stunned.

For directions, please call the lazer lines on Saturday afternoon:

The weather report says the rain will clear up this afternoon/evening and will leave us dry for tonight.